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The best Spade Game In Town!

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Toss Spades™ is played much like any Spade game. Two to eight people may play as individuals or teams. First, decide how many players there will be. Then, if you have two to eight players, just add or subtract suits and cards as you choose. With most card games there are 13 or more cards per player. You may wish to have more suits than players to keep the average of "tricks per player" higher. With Toss you have all the controls. With the Toss deck "You Make The Rules!"
Some of the great characters you will meet in a Toss deck! The Deck
This Deluxe Double deck card set contains eight suits . Clubs and spades are black, hearts and diamonds are red, crosses and oracles (angels) are gold, castles and shields are blue. Cards in suit (13); A , K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, & 2. Jokers are the boss joker and four regular jokers; black, gold, red, and blue.

The boss joker is the highest card of all. The black joker is the highest card of clubs or spades. The red joker is the highest card of hearts or diamonds. The blue joker is the highest card of castles or shields suits. In some games these jokers play "Wild" only on their respective colors in other games may have a rank order. Null cards are included and may be used in play with any suit. Null cards may or may not be used in play or to even out divisions of cards depending on the number of players.

In a five player game; Each player tries to win the bid in order to get more points. Five of the eight suits are used with 13 tricks. In addition there are four jokers, Boss, Black, Red and Gold. There is one Null card to give a total of 70 cards. With the null being the unknown partner this would set up a two against three competition and no other spade game offers challenges this exciting. Only the player with the named Null could know who the teams are in a two against three contest. Even the bidder can not know who is the partner at this time. Other players only know they are against the "bidder and some other player at the table" until the Null plays.

The bidder may wish to confuse everyone and go alone by having the Null held within his/hers own hand. Then it would be one against all but none of the other players know. The "teams" of players may change with every deal and the call of the joker as partner.

Optional Null cards are offered and may be used in play with any regular or trump suit. Nulls can be very dynamic to the outcome of the game. Any card can be played on a Null lead but the highest card played takes the trick, trumps non-withstanding. Nulls can be played even though you have other cards of a suit. When spades are led and your partner has locked up the trick, you may save one of your trump by playing off null card.

Bidding; Spades are always trump but bidding is number of tricks to be taken bids may be made to present honest or dishonest signals but highest bid will have the Null as the partner. Each player bids the amount of tricks they expect to take, based on their cards and what help they might get from a partner. All players have a chance to bid and re-bid until no one bids higher. Once a player has passed, they are out of the bidding. If nobody bids, dealer reshuffles and deals.

Bidding may go around more than once and, for example, the bidder who started out as "Two" may later bid "Seven" Bids must go up numerically by at least one.

Scoring Variations; Tricks are counted each hand. Usually individual scores are kept because each hand will normally consist of two players (Bidder and Null) against all others. On rare occasions it will be one player competing against all others because the Bidder had the Null.
1. When a player goes "alone" taking as many tricks as the bid called for, he/she receives 20 points for each trick bid. If the bid is not made, 130 points are awarded to all rival players.
2. The bidder's team, taking as many tricks as declared, receives 10 points per trick taken.
3. All of the team of players that did not win the bid gets 5 points for all team tricks taken.
4. Nil bid. If a bid of Nil is successful, the Nil bidder receives 100 points. If a bid of Nil fails the Nil bidder loses 100 points. If the Nil bid is made by the player holding the Null card and the Bidder makes the bid then both players both sets of points.

Winner; The first to reach or exceeding 800 points wins the game. Should the bidder and more players reach or exceed 800 points in a single hand, the bidder is the winner.

Some people like to play with out having to keep score. To do so, give each player an equal amount of tokens or chips. In a five player game each player tosses in a single chip befor the bidding. After bidding and all play, if the bid was made the bidder gets three tokens and the bid partner gets two. If the bid is not made, the bidder puts in one more token and all three players of the winning team get two tokens each. The bidder's partner does not collect or have to pay more.

Strategy Thoughts; Strategy begins with the bidding. You might feel you have a "good partner" hand and bid true tricks and color, hoping your joker will be "named" as the partner. You may bid strictly to run up the bid, or bid just to deceive or confuse. If you null a trick, are you just out of that suit or are you really the unknown partner sloughing off? Can you interpret signals passed during the bidding and play correctly? Who’s against who? Who’s with who? How can you beat everyone else to win the game?

Toss Classic Jokers TOSS Advertisement

Fund Raisers: Toss cards can be used to raise funds for Churches, groups and clubs. Minimum quantities for special discount is 100 double decks. With quantities of 2000 the deck can be customized to show your organization on the back. Different suits like bugs, animal and sports themes can be used with custom or children’s decks.

Weddings: Place your loving couple on the back, or in the King and Queen of Hearts face cards.

Business firms: You can order custom decks to have an advertising program that is paid for once but is used for months if not years.

Distributors: We may need individual distributors in your area. Limited licenses available. Sell in quantity to business, clubs and convenience stores in your area. Make huge $$$.

WEB Master & Game Programmer(s): Maybe you have what it takes, but no credentials. We are willing to look at your work based on the work itself. Work from home yet become part of a growing enterprise.

Contact: or buy your first deck for only $11.99. USA shipping is Free for a limited time.